SIP 1001 - Verified by ShuffleDAO

SIP 1001 – Verified by ShuffleDAO

ShuffleDAO will offer NFT developers a “Verified by ShuffleDAO” label to add trust that their contract is safe.

This provides another way to keep the ShuffleDAO name in circulation, provides a legitimate service, and could raise small funds for operations as we navigate the DAO’s next steps. This also provides a way to train in new people on how to create and deploy basic ShuffleDAO contracts. It does not replace a larger contract project where we might have to create the metadata and upload images to a server, etc. Procedures for that already exist.

This might be particularly useful for smaller projects that can do their own work, but have little visibility in the NFT space.

When the “Verified by ShuffleDAO” label is clicked, it links back to a ShuffleDAO page with the name and contract of the collection. This can be a simple list that the user can scan themselves, or more complicated as the implementing dev desires.

NFT developers can mint through ShuffleDAO to get the “Verified by ShuffleDAO” label to display. The NFT collection must be deployed and minted with ShuffleDAO contracts to verify it is not a wallet drainer. We would have to emphasize that this does not prevent the NFT collection owner from running off with the money.

This would have to be a small fee. One ETH for very straight forward projects where the image library (on IPFS for example) and metadata was provided to us and we were literally just deploying a basic contract.

Discord comment by JaxiNub

whaaat if you pause the big picture for a bit, or like work only 90% on it. and work 10% on the launchpad" idea in order to raise some funds and get the word spread?

Like something very simple. Clients send you the image of an nft collection, you deploy an nft standard contract with their art. and the project is launching through our side, without people worrying if it is a wallet drainer or not, since “we are the trusted middle man”.

Client pays a fixed fee and maybe a % fee on the launch earnings.

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I am in for the vote, not necessarily for the concept as fully stated. This requires very specific language to not absorb negative connotations if a project has other problems related to how it runs (non-contract rugs, etc.). The snapshot vote must have considerations that quotes, marketing, and statements are subject to change so we can defend ourselves.

I do like the fact that on our site we can generate a contract structure page that illustrates common things that the contract isn’t doing. This function is here to prevent this type of contract problem etc etc. Lots we can do here.


So, maybe it’s the labeling itself that is a problem. I was thinking how this proposal is different than any partner project we are associated with (where they could rug). In most ways, it’s not. This is just “partnering” at a most basic level for minimal cost. However, by putting the “Verified” label on it, we appear to take a greater responsibility on.

Sounds good. Something similar to the OpenSea verification badge.

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Commenting for engagement. I’ll read through later

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I like what CCP said.

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I agree with CCP
I also believe the fee should be based on a stable coin pegged rate rather than ETH which can fluctuate thousands.

Thank you all for your consideration.

I think SIP-1001 did not meet a high enough standard to move on to a Snapshot vote. Though it is fairly similar to what we do with partners, the added labeling implies us taking on a risk that is perhaps not in our current interests.